About our company

IT-BILANZ Accounting and Advising Ltd. was founded in 2008 to perform accounting services.

We have wide social background, our work is supported by lawyers and auditors. We are providing wide range of services working closely together professionally with ITAG-Auditing Ltd.

Accordingly we undertake the bookkeeping, accounting of your company, just as preparing of accounting and other regulations, leading of optional analytical records, administration of payroll, employment and social security, electronic preparation and submission of balance sheets and tax declarations as well as tax consultancy.

During our operation we worked together with several business and operational forms, from the branches till the different form of companies.

Our employees with domestic and international experience of several years, who are fluent in foreign languages, help your work.


IT-BILANZ Kft. munkatársak

Our services

Administration of payroll, employment and social security

Performing complete payroll tasks with considerable professional experience.

  • Entry and leaving declarations of employees and their announcement towards the tax authorities
  • Registry of employees' data
  • Payroll of the wage of employees with normal and variable working schedule
  • Payroll of extra wages and fringe benefits
  • Payroll of workers with contract of agency
  • Preparation of payroll records and other statements
  • Monthly data supply and preparation of declarations
  • Handing out of employers' certificate
  • Preparation of the list of tax and contributions to be transferred monthly
  • Preparation of labour statistics (monthly, quarterly, yearly) 
  • Operation of social security pay-office


Our accounting office offers complete accounting services for micro, small and medium-sized companies and for the Hungarian branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies both in English and German language.

  • Complete double-entry bookkeeping
  • Preparation and submission of tax declarations
  • Preparation of balance sheet and income statement
  • Administration and representation at the tax authority
  • Support in the forming of the accounting system, preparation of accounting policies and other compulsory regulations
  • Data supply and assistance to the data sheets to be submitted to the Central Statistical Office (KSH)
  • Preparation of the accounting tasks and annual reports of transformations
  • Bookkeeping of branches
  • Accounting in foreign currency
  • Data supply for our clients from the data of the account

Our specialty, in which we are providing more than other accounting companies is that we are undertaking accounting on the spot (at our clients) as well.
Our computer technology support makes the remote bookkeeping possible and ensures the continuous on-line access of the accounted data for our clients.
Certainly we are at your disposal with the traditional accounting constructions as well.

Our special activities related to accounting:

  • Internal controls
  • Evaluation of firms and property, Due Diligence
  • Accounting of transformations, preparation of Balance Sheet of Property
  • Review of the tax system of companies, risk analysis
  • Preparation and review of documentations to transfer pricing

Our company is rendering services among others for the representatives of the following sectors:

  • Trade (export-import, and domestic sale)
  • Construction industry
  • Transportation and carriage
  • Automotive industry
  • Real estate investment
  • Asset management

Tax consultancy

We highly emphasize on the support of our clients in the preparatory process of their business decisions in German or English language. We provide continuous information about the changes of law related to tax and accounting.

We contribute to the preparation of requests for standpoint and if it is necessary we provide consultancy at the tax procedures to the tax authorities.

Our team

Szántai Endre

Endre Szántai

managing director, advisor
Sélley Eszter

Eszter Sélley

Bezdán Andrea

Andrea Bezdán



IT-BILANZ Accounting and Advising Ltd.
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Endre Szántai managing director, advisor
E-mail: endre.szantai@it-bilanz.hu

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